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<< "Angry and frustrated, he walked" which would be more
 like short for "Feeling angry..." (i. e. adverbial, not
 adjectival). >>

I would rather call it a passive gerund. This shows another possible kind of=20
deictic : the reference to each PoS. "pro-anything" refer to different kinds=20
of references : space (here, there), time (Dutch : dan, toen), speaker (me,=20
you), so why not PoS (verb, subject-topic, object) ?

"I walk (and I am) angry" : angry refers to subject "I"
"I walk slowly" : slowly refers to verb "walk"
"I walk angrily" : angrily refers to subject "I" via verb "to walk"

In French you even may have a gerund referring to the object :
"il le quitta, anxieux" : "he left him (as the latter was) nervous".