Matt Pearson wrote:

> I once had a psychologist tell me that my conlanging was no better
> than mental masturbation (whatever that means) [...]

Mental masturbation... I don't know, but many of my classmates would tell
that somebody was in a state of mental orgasm... when, for example,
resolving a mathematical problem... and there is nothing bad on that
appreciation.  Well... wouldn't a mental masturbation be a good way of
getting a mental orgasm?

Conlanging is not something I share to much people outside this list, I even
guess is one of the sides my girlfriend still doesn't know about me after 2
years relationship, but the reaction of people I've shared it with is from
positive (one or two curious camrades) to negative (my father)... well, when
he's still paying my university fees I think he's right demanding me using
my time in something more productive.

But I can't help it.

-- Carlos Th