On Tue, 11 May 1999, Josh Roth wrote:

> I just updated my webpage with a lot of Eloshtan grammar - - I finished the
> first page ( :-) ), which includes some basic stuff (such as negation and
> interrogation), nouns, postpositions, and adjectives. I rearranged a bunch of
> stuff and went back and forth several times, so I'm sure there are many
> mistakes - - I'll be looking it over in the next few days.

I was wondering about the pronounciation of Eloshtan - I notice that
verbbs are negated by doubling the first vowel, and questions are
marked by tripling the first vowel.

Is this actually a three-way distinction according to length
([a],[a.], [a:], or something like that), or is there hiatus between
every vowel ([a], [a'a], [a'a'a'])?

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