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<< > (i) They are amused when you try to learn their language,
 > (ii) they are really p*ssed off when you try to speak it,
 > (iii) they are delighted when you miss a step with it,
 > (iv) they are truely fascinating people.
 During my all-too-brief stay there (a five-week house exchange
 one summer), I found that (ii) and (iii) are false, at least at the
 few-words level; >>

I knew I was with the wrong girl.

<< (i) and (iv) are definitely true.  I made a point
 of beginning all conversations with strangers by apologizing
 (in English) for having no Dutch.  This went over well in 99% of
 all cases.
 > Nota : this is a JOKE (smile !)
 Got it. >>