Here's the Nedm translation of Verimak.  I used the modal verb j "to not do"=20
and the suffix =F3yon "from now on" (normally tenses are modal prefixes and=20
aspects are modal aspects, but in this case I wasn't sure which one "from no=
on" is.  Help, please?) to translate the word verimak
Also, I was wondering what the names of Nedm vowel sounds are.  They go as=20
a=09as in at
=E1=09as in buy
e=09as in get
=E9=09as in pay
i=09as in in
y=09as in be
o=09as in on
=F3=09as in go
u=09as in but
=FA=09as in too
=FC=09as in good
au=09as in how
aw=09as in awful


j=F3yon  m=FAxy gev voxy=20
h=E9l roxa=FEy kydivy kadeslymu
k=F3 m=E9o k=E1piv bokaru fypet
k=F3m c=E9s la
k=F3 f=E1om
d=E9v kadem, yaby kadem
hos milmeny gortosy
=E1z=E9 voz rosk

j=F3yon m=FAxyax =F0ijy pety=E9
k=F3 manmaz k=FAy gr feny
jo namaz f=FAdyin ojo =F0=FAgw=E9az
kam sakindy hos jornty
fenyvo, mitsunyvo, d=E1fyvo
=E1rozo kwon=E9ol
=E1z=E9 voz rosk

j=F3yon m=FAxy gon kafyn
j=E9l hwis kakocko am=FAxy
=FAjo m=FAxyaj, v=E1bomom, b=FAmukom
k=F3hor fun=FAal e saual
n=E9digy punj, oyev, galmen
=FAz =E1roko t=FApr=FCt bedyin
=E1z=E9 voz rosk

and the interlinear:

no longer
> Kale ilid vepat verimak vrydaf
heat of-the sun no longer fear-imp.
j=F3yon  m=FAxy gev voxy=20
present.don't.from-now-on fear heat sun.genitive=20

fear, "m=FAxy" comes from "xwy m=FA", literally "stare below."  I am present=
attempting to shift more towards verbs created from prepositions and verbs=20
with more metaphorical meanings.

> ro* nivvuo*rod ilid tenuo tehsat.
or tantrums of the winter rage
h=E9l roxa=FEy kydivy kadeslymu
or tantrum.plural rage-genitive attributive-winter.

again, kydiv (rage) is a compound "ky div" meaning "very anger".  "dy" also=20
indicates the expression of a feeling.  By unintentional coincidence, the=20
plural ending -y is identical to the genitive singular ending -y, similar to=20
the English-s/-'s.

> Fy fyl ofykya takremait uarfy ritimika,
you your job secular you have accomplish
k=F3 m=E9o k=E1piv bokaru fypet accomplish

k=E1piv (accomplish)=3D k=E1 piv (into-taste).  fypet (secular)=3Dfy pet=20

> uarfy hovikary eua,
you have to-house go
k=F3m c=E9s la house

> fyl rilbet uarfy uena.
your coin you have taken
k=F3 f=E1om

the placeholder in the nominative is often used to translate the passive.

> Beto*n orwemaht jetan-jo,
boys golden girls-and
d=E9v kadem, yaby kadem
boy, girl

> hdo hmekivarn ilid kodyrn,
as cleaners of the chimney
hos milmeny gortosy

> il fo*m hmai nomdwav uoa.
the dust must always become
=E1z=E9 voz rosk
always.definitely.start dust
> Vekte ilid hrelen verimak vrydaf;
frown of the lords no longer fear
j=F3yon m=FAxyax =F0ijy pety=E9
present.don't.from-now-on frown.plural=20

> zeaamna fy vilrrandoid takto*rl;
you're beyond of a bad king cruelty
k=F3 manmaz k=FAy gr feny evil bad king.genitive

> enyvo fimuo*l-jo vera tepilaf;
meal clothing-and dont heed
jo namaz f=FAdyin ojo =F0=FAgw=E9az
present.don't.simple the-accusative-(of the=20
following clause) present.don't.simple

=F0=FAgw=E9, literally "make/do without", is almost always used with the neg=
modal verb -j-.  This makes the sentence mean literally "don't worry about=20
that which you can't live/do without"

> rin fyry tsema toryo tenvvyo.
about you like oaktree grassblade
kam sakindy hos jornty tree.thick-pole like grass.thin-pole

> Reik, kyam, kado*hs-jo,
crown, book, caduceus-and
fenyvo, mitsunyvo, d=E1fyvo
royal.ness, intelligent.ness, doctor.ness

> aibban poto hmai omdwa sendra,
this all must always want to follow
=E1rozo kwon=E9ol

> send fo*mp hmai nomdwav uoa.
and dust must always become
=E1z=E9 voz rosk
always.definitely.start dust

> Fepre ilid fefiril verimak vrydaf,
touch of the lightning no longer fear
j=F3yon m=FAxy gon kafyn
present.don't.from-now-on fear strike attributive.lightning

> ro*  mro*molid ouo to dorifan.
or thunder sound for fearing
j=E9l hwis kakocko am=FAxy
nor sound attributive.thunder agentive.fear

> Vera vrydaf viljjano ro* rendyn rankoid.
not fear slander or scars of scorn
=FAjo m=FAxyaj, v=E1bomom, b=FAmukom

> Fyl taitfo uo tabllyso uarfy trammalta.
your laughter and weeping you have finish
k=F3hor fun=FAal e saual and

> Amyelden jo*ven, deluanharn, ravo*yarn:
suitors young beloved ones lovers
n=E9digy punj, oyev, galmen
one-who.courts.plural young, one-who-is.loved-(emotionally),=20

> e aibban nomdwa tanahs,
to this thing they always succumb
=FAz =E1roko t=FApr=FCt fall.into

> send fo*mp nomdwav uoa.
and dust always become
=E1z=E9 voz rosk
always.definitely.start dust

pacs precs
joe mondello