For the sake of Comparative Constructed Indo-European linguistics I can
Pites, egend vilqos trer ekhoom!
> paatar, cocruzti welhus-cos       trems ahams  -tas
> father, slew     wolf   the(this) three horses the(those)
> > Phyxthry, vylqh ngengyth threim hechvos!

This endearing little critter lurks around the back of my collinguistic
organ.  It has undergone a revival due to its use in a correligion I'm
working on.  The name I'll give for it is Vekhomos (lit. 'we speak').
Although its phonetic changes are adhoc, abeit consistant as much as I
have made it, it seems to be a satem language (k > s).  The original
script it is written in is Aramaic, hence q used before back vowels in
transliteration instead of k, and a system of sandhi based on Sanskrit.
(final stops become voiced before other voiced sounds, collapse of final
s and r, etc.)

In comprehension, Vekhomos seems to lie somewhere between Callistic and

- andrew.

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