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> On Wed, 12 May 1999, From Http://Members.Aol.Com/Lassailly/Tunuframe.Html wrote:
> > I tried the test. I'm "ENFJ". Is it far from INFP ? What does all this mean
> > anyway ?
> It's a load of pigs ears.  All the questions (at the site anyway) force
> either/or answers: and you scheduled/unscheduled; do you prefer a neat
> desk/messy desk; do prefer paper/plastic; and that.  In a very rough,
> general way, it can probably tell you what you already know about
> yourself.  I've never yet taken one that pins anything down properly or
> very detailed.

Well, you can say that about almost any test.   You might as well criticize
IQ tests, EQ tests (yes, there are some, even on the net), and certainly
you can criticize the SAT tests! (college entrance exams for you
Non-Americans out there)

Almost any test will reflect *lots* of things other than what's being tested
over, and sometimes these things override the purpose of the test in the first
place.   But inasmuch as this test was designed by experts in the field, I feel
it was a pretty good measure of what it's measuring -- and more importantly,
it formalizes it, analyzes it, breaks one's personality down into its constituent
parts.   *That* is why you take the test:  not because you don't know who you
are, but because you know only in a vague, nonspecific way, and this tells you

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