Steg Belsky wrote:

> Well, the flag of New York City has a very "Dutch" look to it.
> And a lot of place names are Dutch, such as Brooklyn, Spuyten Duyvil,
> Bushwick, Midwood (< Mitwout), Kill Van Kull, the Bronx, Harlem...

Well, placenames often last a *lot* longer than the people or the culture
that produced them.  Take the name "Texas", for example.  It comes from
a Hasinai Indian word meaning "friends" or "allies".  I think they were
basically obliterated as a people by the Spanish way back in the 1700s.
I don't think there were even enough of them that survived to able to be forced
to move to Indian Territory (the state of Oklahoma today).

The same is true of lots of places in England, which retain their Celticness
or even their pre-Celticness (whatever that was) even though, in much of
Britain, Celtic languages and cultures ceased to be practiced about 1500
years ago.

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