Tom Wier scripsit:

> Just curious:  are there any remnants of "Dutchness" in New York City
> at all?  I read that even in the early 1800s there were enough people speaking
> it that the city records were still kept in both English and Dutch.  And,
> I think President Martin Van Buren's native language was (New Yorker)
> Dutch.  Anything left of that?

Well, the Middle Collegiate Church is a few blocks from my house;
it is one of the four surviving Dutch Reformed churches in Manhattan,
though services are exclusively in English (the congregation is perhaps
75% persons of color).  The minister, though plainly born here, has
the Dutch surname of Dragt /draxt/, and he once asked me the meaning of
"opstanding" (= "resurrection"; I had to look it up).

But otherwise I'd say no.

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