Nik Taylor wrote:

> And here in the South for all non-Southerners, and in the rest of the US
> for New-Englanders, hence my (Kansan) aunt's taking offense at me
> jokingly calling her a Yank.  :-)

I dunno 'bout that... I'd probably never call a Californian a Yankee... but
then, I have very little experience calling anyone by a region-specific term
like that (that is, and not going ahead and using the state name).  It just seems
weird to call someone that's 2000 miles *west* of you a Yankee (which
for me is more or less synonymous with "Northerner", particularly along the
East Coast).

> > And of course, in the anglophone world outside of Britain I believe I'm
> > known as a 'Limey'  :)
> Yeah, that and "Brit", or occasionally "bloody Brit".

"Brit" seems to me to be the more common.  Though I have heard it
used in a neutral way, most of the time I think it's pretty negative.  It's
also often synonymous with "English" (!) (which, I think, doesn't necessarily
imply that the Americans using it have poor geography skills).

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