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>         "fishers of people"? What a weird hobby! How do they do it? Can they
> travel temporally, or between parallel universes? Do they do it by
> technological means or by magic? And finally, where is Tsorelai Mundya? on
> another planet? another universe? Are these two many questions? :)

When it is in this world, Tsorelai Mundya is on a small landmass that
emerges in the middle of the Black Sea... sometimes other parts of Teon
have been observed in the Caspian Sea, and I know for a fact that
with towns on it have pushed up into Morris Dam in the San Gabriel
behind Glendora, California. :) Otherwise, Tsorelai Mundya is in the
of Teon, uniting Ilirila, Menarila, and Melpomnea, the three major
of the Teonim, on the continent of Feleonhhea (named for a
cat-worshipping people).
This is on a world called Nenddeyly, which has a sister planet called
There are hostile relations between these two worlds, and each is
guarding technologies that neither wants the other to have.  Nenddeyly,
unanimously supported by its various peoples, has imperfectly mastered
art of following the Niffistery Eptrot, "the matter tunnels" (shortcuts
through matter and time), whereas Rrordaly has almost perfectly mastered
the Fandary Felrreot, the art of robotics and artificial intelligence.
I haven't started exploring their language; it is related to Teonaht.
I'm not done, yet, with Teonaht, to start on that.

At any rate, I don't know how Nenddeylyt technology works.  It sends
of their city--or simulations of it--to earth, but they're not in
control of it.  Sometimes it ends up in other places.  At any rate,
been here, and borrowed from us, for several thousand years, which
their strong connection to Indo-European and Middle-Eastern ideas while
having an otherworldly dimension to them.

 Certain people who we think have died, have actually
> >been
> >abducted, like Alexander the Great and a number of others.  At one
> >point,
> >Teonaht law made it a felony to do this, and Tsorelai Mundya opened its
> >gates
> >to only a few visitors at a time, and carefully monitored their visits.
> >Joseph Atticus Johnson is in a little bit of peril in the Teach Yourself
> >Stories that I really have to finish before I die, but we're rooting for
> >him.
> >Could very well be that Sela Jumafin (can I call him Sela?) was one such
>         You can (if you don't forget the |, it's part of the letter |s /ts/) :).
> >casualty, but we'd have to research that a bit.  Could be that TM
> >visited
> >his world and deposited him here.
> ><G>
> >
>         If it's so, he's gonna be very disappointed, because I don't know how he
> could find again his people. Don't forget that he is totally amnesic (he
> has even difficulties sometimes to remember some words in Moten). BTW, do
> the Teonim usually abduct young people? |Sela was only 8 when he was found.

The Teonim who allow a visitor into the city when it's unstable and
don't make
an effort to get someone out before it "melts" have taken into their
midst men,
women, and children of earth.  Sometimes the Teonim get stranded on our
Like Issytra.  She's here to stay.

Quoth the Raven: "Verimak!"