Here are the latest changes I did to Drasel=E9q:

1) Massive change to the verb conjugation. At first
I only changed the 3rd person past tense endings, but
then I restructured the ancient language in a more
regular and believable fashion.

2) No more banning the diphthong /iu/ (usually
/ju/, sometimes /iw/). I really don't know why I had=20
banned it.

3) New vowel, <=F6> /Y/ to make the vowel system more
believable. The current vowel system:

 i =FC       u
   e =F6   o
     =E4 a

In the ancient language I had /uj/ > /y/ <=FC> and
/ae/ > /&/ <=E4>, so now /oe/ > /Y/ <=F6>. (I swear I did
it before the thread on vowel systems!).

4) I'm thinking of reducing the long passive participles
in -tentan, -partan, -kuervan to more regular
-tentan, -pantan, -k=FCntan and maybe shorten them to
-tan or -an. Could be poetic license, like "ne'er"
in English.

--Pablo Flores