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>        So I thought to myself, who would count in base-6?  Certainly
>nobody I know
>about ... all natlangs I've even touched in my studies count in base-10.
>And I'm rather prejudiced against creating an alien culture for my language
>(the reasons for that are best left to a different thread).  So I'd like to
>know from y'all, is there a precedent for any human language with a number
>system besides base-10?  And how did that manifest itself in the culture
>that used it?
>    -- Chris

I once read about another conlang that counted in base 6. I forget what it
was called; no one's here I think.  Anyway, the speakers counted one as a
fist, two as one finger, etc., up to the full five-fingered human hand (at
least I think they were human).

Jennifer Barefoot

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