Matt Pearson wrote:
> "Empty thunder" means a lot of pointless noise or hubbub, much ado
> about nothing, sound and fury signifying nothing, etc.

I like that one.  "Empty thunder", has a nice ring to it.  I just may
borrow it, or something like that, for Watakass=ED.

In Watakass=ED, I have a number of idioms involving the verb lab=ED, to g=
(incidentally, these are one of the few exceptions to the verb-initial
rule).  For instance:

wanalass=ED lab=ED: to give an eye =3D to watch over
watt=ED lab=ED: to give hope =3D to help someone in a difficult task
pyal=EDf lab=ED: to give a path =3D to lead

But usually noun + lab=ED just replaces a verb that is closely related to
the noun, as in
waglaz=FA lab=ED: to give advice =3D to advise

Two other idioms:
pinasabit=E1 laun=ED + dative: to have the law =3D to prosper (originally=
obey the laws")
wakass=E1 wabiz=EDf: the life of the tree =3D leaves (as a collective)

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