(Re. tense marked by word order)

In my old, mostly monosyllabic  euroclone siniuz, word order marked tense.
the standard (present tense) word order was SVO, and in other word orders
(specifically when O preceded S) case inflections marked PoSes.  Where there
is normally no O the reflexive pronoun 'se' is used as a placeholder:
(I don't remember many concrete examples or words so I will reConlang a bit
of it)

John smak tol'    pabl
John eat all-the food
John eats all the food.
SVO     Present Aorist (?)

John dey  pabl smak
John some food eat
John will eat some food.
VOS     Future

Smak John ter   lang
eat  John you-G lobster
John ate your lobster.
VSO     Past

A flav   ave      nek  tu
a yellow bird-Acc kill you
You're killing a yellow bird.
OVS     Present progressive

Bebza        la  cuid
baby-Plu-Acc she care
She'll be caring for babies
OSV     Future Progressive

Crei Johner dome constrerz
build John-G house-Acc construction.worker-Plu
Construction workers were building John's house
VOS     Past progressive

This is all making me nostalgic for those long ago days, about 9 months and 5
conlangs ago.  I really should settle down.

Pacs Precs (Siniuz for, IIRC, "Peace, within reason")
Joe Mondello