Jim Henry wrote:

> On 11 Jun 99, at 21:16, J.Barefoot wrote:
> > What does "pulmonic" mean? I think I have a vague idea and I think I'm
> > afraid.
> pulmonic = having to do with the lungs.
> Not sure how to pronounce a pulmonic consonant though.

Every English consonant (and vowel, for that matter) is pulmonic,
in that the air proceeds directly from out the lungs and is only altered
by constricting the air flow to create stops, fricatives, etc.

The other two air stream mechanisms widely used around the world are the
glottalic and the velaric: the former closes the glottis and then releases the
air creating a distinctive burst (almost clicklike), while the latter is what makes
true clicks (like English tsk-tsk), where the root of the tongue is pressed against
the velum (the soft palate) while the tongue's apex is used to vary the place
of articulation.

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