At 9:13 pm -0400 12/6/99, John Cowan wrote:
>Raymond A. Brown scripsit:
>> The young Z would surely have noticed agglutinating tendencies in the Latin
>> verbal systems, e.g. canta-ba-m, canta-ba-s, canta-ba-t.  (Indeed, several
>> years back I wrote a Prolog program that can successfully parse practically
>> all Latin verbs correctly one it knows the verb's 'principlal parts'; the
>> program makes full use of such tendencies).  It would certainly have
>> occurred to him to entend and regularize this principle.
>If you can lay your hands on this program, I would love to put it on
>a Web site.  Vivat Prolog!

Oh - me & my big mouth  ;)

It was written in Turbo Prolog which, as you probably know, is
non-standard.  I certainly don't have the thing on disk now.  I do have
hard copy of the coding somewhere.  But I think it'd need a bit of
re-writing to make it more standard.

At the moment, as the end of the academic year approaches, things are
pretty hectic.  When things have settled a bit, I'll maybe get round to
looking out my material and rewriting the program.

Vivat Prolog!