At 11:06 pm -0500 12/6/99, dunn patrick w wrote:
>On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, N N wrote:
>> by making the texts hard to read, antiorp forces the reader to act, to
>> directly engage in the physical experience of reading the words.
>It forces the reader to hit the delete key, secure in the knowledge that,
>out of those trillians of bytes of information, only a few aren't crap,
>and that the odds are in his or her favor.


Antiorp certainly doesn't force this reader into anything like parallel
thought - not even into single-stream thought - just automatic re-action as
described by Patrick above.

Good grief - with the amount of emails being downloaded at present, does
antiorp think one has time to engage in any of those exotic thought
processes?  Does antiorp have to live in the "real world", where there are
so many demands on our time, as most of us do?