Raymond A. Brown scripsit:

> The last word is unknown both to me and to the "Liddell & Scott" lexicon.
> Obviously, the context suggests something like 'I give', 'I return'; all I
> can think that it might be a typo for "phe'rw" (I bear, I bring) since phi
> and psi are similar, and a poorly written phi could well be read as psi.

"phe'rw" it is.  Transcription error on my part.

> The first word, "te'los", has such a wide range of meanings that one cannot
> be entirely certain of the meaning without knowing the context, but it
> would appear to mean something like:
> "Having given [you] complete service, I bring you thanks."

Sounds suitable.

> >I know what the third word means. :-)
> Good - "Liddell & Scott" doesn't give that either - but then they're not
> good on proper names.

It's plainly "Cthulhu", the alien god/demon devised by H.P. Lovecraft.
Does it have the correct vocative ending?  (I can't account for the
initial kh instead of just k, though.)  I appreciate your efforts.

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