>From: Brian Betty <[log in to unmask]>
>"What's an 'angry bjaverism?'
>Sally noted: "See Brian Betty's post of a few days ago, called "angry
>beaverisms."  This seems to be his term."
>I call them "Angry Beaverisms" because the Angry Beavers use them. It's a
>cartoon about cranky Canadian rodents of the aforementioned variety who are
>brothers - Norbert and I always forget the name of the other one. It's a
>fantastic show & I highly recommend it. They make great noises, too.
>Utterly silly, but usually rather clever. Like the time that Norbie wanted
>to be one of those famous German performing horses ... what are they
>called? Not Weimerauners ... I forget.

Other brother = Dagget
Famous horses = Lippizaners (check spelling)

I love cartoons.


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