At 12:49 -0400 19.6.1999, Mia Soderquist wrote:
>Sally Caves wrote:
>> For someone who prides herself on a working vocabulary that includes
>> lucubrate and eleemosynary, I have to growl at you for taking me for
>> some wide-eyed, resourceless, topic/focus-confusing little housewife.
>I will NOT resent this use of "housewife".
>I will NOT resent this use of "housewife".
>I will NOT resent this use of "housewife".
>That didn't work. Oh, well.
>Housewives are not housepets nor houseplants.
>(And I REALLY hate the word "homemaker" for my chosen profession. But
>that's another topic altogether.)

And I'm a topic/focus-confusing philologist -- and an "invalid".  Both
these professions tend to be looked at in a slanted way.  I'm also a
home-worker who does too little home-making in the eyes of his
non-housewife.  Of course I feebnly claim it's in the genes... ;-)

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