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> Please include the previous person's text (but not their glosses,
> they're in the previous person's message after all), your own text, a
> plain-English translation and your own glosses, and cc it to me
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Here's the text I received from Chris Peters, in Ricadh:

 Neajrac vihle necat'a thlu esagme.
 J'akmicru ayvihnue nefeli nun-ludehmi.
 Janorbi evurw ayliat ned'a nun-cidraci.
 Nijun-zu el'ine lisri vihlehro nave?

Here's the translation in Drasel=E9q, which I sent to Padraic Brown:

 Harav lim=E2rth bur hales nan b=FCntth.
 Lift =E4lan afku=F3rtotek etmes paol.
 Rin dh=FCgon satr=E1t uir baisbramr=FCr nainn.
 =DCodel navek d=F9qadh hales nanvar ke tadh?

Plain translation:

 Important matters (the ones) the bird's song tells.
 The heron's coat gets cleaned in dew.
 With fearful respect the lark praises the evening sky.
 But do the spirits (of nature) fully understand the bird's singing?

Interlinear translation:

LOC =3D locative case
ACC =3D accusative case
QST =3D yes-no question
MV  =3D middle voice
REL =3D relative (resumptive here) pronoun

Harav     lim=E2rth bur    hales  nan  b=FCntth.
important things  say.3s bird's song them.REL

Lift =E4lan afku=F3rtotek etmes   paol.
from dew  clean.MV.3p heron's coat

Rin  dh=FCgon  satr=E1t    uir  baisbramr=FCr nainn.
with respect praise.3s lark evening.LOC sky.ACC

=DCodel navek         d=F9qadh      hales  nanvar  ke  tadh?
fully understand.3p spirits.GRP bird's singing QST however=20

The exact meaning of some roots:

HARAV: important, serious, grave (no negative connotation), transcendenta=
LIM=C2RTH: things, issues, topics
LIFT: from, based on, using
RIN: with, having
DH=DCGON: respect, religious "fear"
D=D9QADH: the spirits of Nature, the natural forces, Nature as a lot of f=
NANVAR: singing (noun), song

I'm glad we finished so we can see what has become of our
texts. :) I was getting really anxious... I'm sending this
right away and I'll see your translations in a couple of days
(my computer has to go to the computer doctor this afternoon :-( ).

--Pablo Flores