"What's an 'angry bjaverism?'

Sally noted: "See Brian Betty's post of a few days ago, called "angry
beaverisms."  This seems to be his term."

I call them "Angry Beaverisms" because the Angry Beavers use them. It's a
cartoon about cranky Canadian rodents of the aforementioned variety who are
brothers - Norbert and I always forget the name of the other one. It's a
fantastic show & I highly recommend it. They make great noises, too.
Utterly silly, but usually rather clever. Like the time that Norbie wanted
to be one of those famous German performing horses ... what are they
called? Not Weimerauners ... I forget.

Tomboy: "a wench that skippeth as a boy."
- Richard Verstegen, 1605

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."
- H.G. Wells