Note: after recent revisions, a few words in here are wrong.  Oh, well.=20
This is the form I had when I did the translation.

What I received from Patrick W. Dunn:

Oasue asea ranpeda oapante saliheo.
Guzo selopopoa pizue sazhe sasiuteadu=20
Oade asesuo selomeshapuea lelu lekare puane.
Simu ko selopazhebizha aseneo, ala?

What I made:

Wafkassiss=E1i wafl=E1ssyasai pifnatt=E1idu y=E1nisnav
Lusnav=E1utasva wazun=EDpaka l=EDwanal pifl=EDtilwai
Ku lizlut=E1tasva wasak=E1tiv lal=E1ka wabikad=EDz
Ze kl=E1itasva-bu sutak=ED zib=FAtasva wanil=E1staz?

Aack!  I just noticed I had "ze" in the fourth line, that should be
"zi", "e" doesn't exist in W.

G# =3D Gender#
Pl =3D Plural
S =3D Singular
ELL =3D Ellative, in the only occurance of it herein, it's used to
indicate "concerning"
Irr =3D Irrational (non-sentient)
Hab =3D Habitual
Rat =3D Rational (sentient; human/divine, the birds are being personified
Dim =3D Dimminuitive
In =3D Inessive (in)
Erg =3D Ergative
DAT =3D Dative

Waf-kassiss=E1-i waf-l=E1ssyasa-i   pif-natt=E1-i-du    y=E1nis-na-v
G6Pl-song-Pl  G6Pl-of.birds-Pl G7Pl-event-Pl-ELL be.important-3PlIrr-Hab
Birds' songs concerning important events ("events that are important")

Lu-s-nav=E1u-tas-va        wa-zu-n=EDpa-ka   l-=EDwan-al    pif-l=EDti-lw=
Cause-be-clean-3SRat-Hab G6-Dim-water-In G5-heron-Erg
"Little water" means "dew"

The Heron washes its clothes in the dew ("in the little water")

Ku  lizlut=E1-tas-va    wa-sak=E1ti-v    la-l=E1ka wa-bikad=ED-z
And worship-3SRat-Hab G6-evening-Loc G5-lark G6-sky-DAT

And the Lark worships the sky in the evening.

Zi  kl=E1i-tas-va-bu          su-tak=ED  zib=FA-tas-va         =20
But live-3SRat-Hab-Question G3-being understand-3SRat-Hab
ni- is roughly equivalent to English -ness.

But does anyone exist who understands birdhood?  (I should probably have
glossed _kl=E1i_ as "live, exist")

Some brief notes: the fourth line was modified to fit into the normal
poetic pattern of Watakass=ED, which is four lines of four "major words"
(words that contain an accent).  In a less poetic translation, the last
line would've been something like:
Zi zib=FAtasva subaa waniil=E1staz? (note: one change was making _ni-_ in=
_nii-_), which contains only two major words.  (Lit: But understands who
birdhood?), so I changed the minor word _subaa_ (who?) into the two
major word phrase _kl=E1itasva-bu sutak=ED_ (does anyone exist?)

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