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> > Since I've passed the limit of my understanding about serial verb stu=
> you obviously worked a lot on the topic.

Whole minutes! Could spoil that by visiting a library, probably.
But the old books are useless and the new ones are expensive.
If I believed the bioprogram theory, there's no need; just do it.

> > I'll just assume two types are enough, and use it till it breaks.
> do you mean one compound type and one independent type ?

Yes. Last year I had three: 1) plain verb, 2) adjectival-participial,
3) adverbial-prepositional. Maybe now dispense with #2 or merge it
with #3, as in English ... that sounds like a very bad idea. Arrrg!

> this made me decide to create a new creole-type of conlang based on wha=
t we
> discussed. i do that when i have time.

Well, I'm waiting. Let's see your serial theory in practice.
No cheating by just copying Haitian.