The poem I got from Andrew Smith in Brithenig

Ill gran ugell, can ys cant sew gantiwn;
Ugell lla afon, can ys erig' sew blyf in lla fryf;
Ugell lla gantiwn, can ys llodd llo h-ystuil di'll noeth
Lla gantiwn, affos llo rhewleir thud h-asculltant a lle.

The poem in Chleweyish:

pochen rumbe eb=F3 wulo om=F3e eb=E1 om=F3 tell=E1e
pochen eb=F3 nyivo e can wowta wowta om=F3e weyke =F9n nyoso
pochen eb=F3 wulo e can sella sella cecca e om=F3 lewme
wulo eb=E1 syuda dawde ressy=E1e

vocabulary: (N for noun, V for verb or predicate, C for conector)
pochen: N bird
rumbi:  V big (to be big)
eb-: pronoun asignation
om-: pronoun use
wulo:   N song
telli:  V to sing
nyivo:  N river
can:    C what? what happen?
wowta:  N feather
weyki:  V to shake
nyoso:  N mist
sella:  N star
cecca:  N night
lewmi:  V to praise
syuda:  N chief, leader
dowdi:  V all, to be all
ressyi: V to listen

'po:xn=3D 'rumb@  @'Bo 'hwu:lo o'mo: @'BA o'mo 't@l'lA:@
'po:xn=3D @'Bo 'Ji:vo @ kan 'hwu:ta 'hwu:ta o'mo:@ 'hwi:k@ 'U~ 'jo:zo
'po:xn=3D @'Bo 'hwu:lo @ kan 'sEl:a 'sEl:a tSEkka @ o'mo lju:m@
'hwu:lo @'BA Su:Da dOwD@ r@S'SA:@

pochen rumbe   eb=F3     wulo om=F3e    eb=E1
bird   big.ind ass.it1 song it1.ind ass.it2
  om=F3 tell=E1e
  it1 sing-it2.ind

pochen eb=F3 nyivo e        can
bird   it1 river poss.ind what-happen?
  wowta-wowta om=F3e    weyke     =F9n     nyoso
  feathers    it1.ind shake.ind where? mist

pochen eb=F3 wulo e        can
bird   it1 song poss.ind what-happen?
  sella-sella cecca e        om=F3 lewme
  stars       night poss.ind it1 praise.ind

wulo eb=E1 syuda dawde   ressy=E1e
song it2 chief all.ind listen-it2.ind

it1  first place pronoun
it2  second place pronoun
ind  indicative mode
ass  assignation
poss possesive

The posesive construction is, in infinitive:
:noun1: :noun2: i
pochen nyivo e: the bird of the river

English almost-plain translation:

The great bird, its song it sings
bird of the river, its feathers shake in the mist
bird of the song, the stars of the night praise
[and] the song all the leaders listen

or even more plain:

The greath bird sings its song
[this same] bird of the river shakes its feathers in the mist
[this same] bird of the song praises the stars of the night
[and] all the leaders listen [this] song

As Joshua complains the fourth line is like <<a sudden reference to ice
hockey in a poem about daisies>> due to a lack of a conector (I probably
rushed a little).  I have not my notes at hand, the conector should be
something like "when all that happend then" and should surely be one word=

I begin to dubt if _wombi_ (big) is realy the way of saying "great".

-- Carlos Th

   Chlewey Thompin                              ## ####     ## ## ##
------------------------------------------------##-## ##
   - =BFPor qu=E9 no?
   - No tiene sentido.
   - =BFQu=E9 sentido?  El sentido no existe.
   - El sentido inverso.  O el sentido norte.  El sentido com=FAn, tal ve=
z.  O
sin sentido, como aqu=ED.
    (-- Graeville 2)