On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Sally Caves wrote:

> Patrick Dunn wrote:
> >
> > Fascinating.  How ever did "king" get in there?
> We'll find out!
> > These are, btw, going to be on the web somewhere so I can look at them in
> > order?  My mind doesn't work well in this buckshot fashion.
> What I'm doing, Patrick, is printing them all out and putting them in
> order.  Eventually we'll get them all.
> Sally

I just noticed that the word "simu" in line 4 is unglossed in my Hatasoe
translation.  It means "but."  No big deal, I suppose, as I debated
leaving the word out, but thought I'd share.

Simu ko selopazhebizha aseneo, ala?
But who 3AnSSubj.3InanSObj.Understand bird.being, interog.?

Onihasa hivia ni kave "simu" tiu pisue palahetoho male katofekotea tiu
zatuonha.  Ralopaka kave "but."  Ala ko sesala opa.  Oekanluta tiu shapo
kavea, simu oniduhepea ni olohoa omaka.