On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Joe Mondello wrote:

> I think that the translation relay should be run regularly,

Good idea.

>  but not necessarily within the conlang list.

I don't see why not (except perhaps to avoid flooding the listserv
yet again).

> Perhaps each new relay could be run by one person, who will act
> like a middleman between the contributors (objectively, without
> participating, perhaps),

That's also a good idea; Sally and I did it this time and we couldn't
have been so effective if we had been somewhere in the middle instead
of right at the beginning (and, in my case, at the end). Perhaps the
person running it should be the one who provides the original text.

> with a webpage for each relay updating participants
> on the status of the operation.  what do you think?

The temptation to think that everyone has easy web access is great,
but *this is not yet the case* and it may exclude some people who
would like to participate if it was run simply by mail. If it is
*dependent* on a web page, I can name some people who would not be
able to join at all and some others (myself not excluded) who would
have minor problems.

It would perhaps be worth the trouble, if we don't want to do it on
this list, to set up a onelist mailing list especially for this kind
of thing. (And keep our normal discussion off that, of course).


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