R. Nierse wrote:

>I know of Waorani (Ecuador) to have /p/ /t/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /g/ /w/ and /i/ =
>/ae/ (ligature as in 'ash') /a/ /o/ + nasal vowels.
>Although in the middle of the rainforest, they were somewhat isolated. =
>in the 1960's contacts with the 'whites' became more intensive. I don't
>know a lot of the inventories of surrounding languages, at least =
>has not many phonemes as well.

If I think this is what I think this is, then this language is related =
Desano. In these languages, nasality is a suprasegmental feature. So the =

voiced stops become nasal stops in words with suprasegmental nasality. I =

think that that is such an interesting feature.

My five cents,
-kristian- 8)