On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, John Cowan wrote:

> I pulled together the smooth English versions of the Starlings'
> Song from Irina's site, and sorted them so that the corresponding
> lines fall together.  This allows us to see with some clarity just
> where the semantics mutated.  I have left off the names of the languages,
> but they appear in the same order as the Web site.
> The Brithenig version didn't have a smooth English translation, so I
> just have a placeholder for it here.  (Andrew?)

It's all right, I've got it (as you may have seen).

> Feel free to put this on the Web site, Irina.

Will do. Probably this weekend, after which I'll be too busy with
Real Work to do much web or conlang stuff - translating a book from
German, in fact. It's very easy, and I'll probably have more trouble
with WordPerfect than with the text of the book, but I think all I'll
want to do in the evenings is curl up with a book and a beer.


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