Re. Star Wars names:  From now on you must all address me
as Sonjo Stava (a.k.a. Joepe Stvan), Grand Nos of Tums.
Or, when seen among the scum and villiany of Mos Eisley,
I'm known simply as "Sonjo the Nos".

I haven't owned a car yet, so I left that part out of my
title.  Also, the antacid I took was actually a generic
brand, but I like the sound of "Grand Nos of Tums".
(If antacids don't count as medication, then I guess my
title would be "Grand Nos of Melatonin".)

When upon the stage, I am to be referred to as Erik Stanley
(brother's middle name + park near where I was born).

Ten bonus points for anyone who can name the city where
I was born from the above clues (no fair peeking at my


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