Nik Taylor wrote:
> >      p     t           k     ?
> >      mb    nd          g
> Intriguing that there's no non-prenasalized /b/ or /d/, only
> prenasalized versions, but not /Ng/, very strange.  Does anyone know if
> /Ng/ existed earlier?

Nope, no /b/ or /d/, but there *is* an /Ng/, which just makes the plain /g/
even weirder (in addition to being the only voiced stop in the language).
I found a Guarani phonology page yesterday but the server appears to be
down now.  An Excite search for "Guarani" will bring up a link to it.  The
language also has an /nt/ but apparently this is a borrowing.

And with that I depart; farewell 'til October :)


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