On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, Nik Taylor wrote:

> Kristian Jensen wrote:
> >
> > Speaking of discourse markers, I was watching TV the other day and
> > this American on TV habitually kept on using "y'know" here and there
> > in a sentence. That made me wonder, what purpose does this repeated
> > use of "y'know" have? Is it some kind of particle or marker?
> Well, it's basically, like, a space filler, y'know?  Basically, what I'm
> tryin' to say is it, like, has no actual meaning, y'know?  It can also,
> like, be used to, like, seek the other person's, like, approval or
> whatever, y'know?  Sometimes it, like, has a meaning, when, like, you
> say it at the end of your bit, like:
> "... it's just gotten me really stressed, y'know?"
> "Yeah, I can understand"
> There you'd be saying "do you understand/symapthize/agree?" depending on
> context.


Actually, uh, sorta like a sorta kinda wishy washy sign, right?  Y'know,
like a signal sometimes showing a sorta like unclear kinda insecure
uncertainty, too.

Sorta, y'know, sincerely kinda,


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