Fabian wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm in the middle of creating my updated website, and I found this funky
> java-based navigation doobry. Unfortunately, being Java, it is going to
> require NN4+ or MSIE4+ or some equivalent browser.

Well.  Java neads NN2+ or MSIE3+ or many other browswes like Sun Hot Java.

> What I'm trying to ask is, before I commit myself fully, is there
> anyonbe who would be unable to read my website because they are
> unable/unwilling to use the latest browsers? If so, why?

There are alternative ways you can put the latest web technologies and being
fully compatible with older browsers.  Just give alternatives, ALT=
variables in tags, etc.  Any in the any-browser campaign?  I lost the links
on portable web design (how to make pages that use the last technologies yet
visible for text-only or older browsers).

> As an aside, I have theoretically unlimited web space for teh asking
> from my ISP. If anyoen has something they want online but lack teh space
> for it, give me a bell and I'll see what I can do. The catch is that
> while webspace is free, bandwidth isn't, so if my website gets too busy,
> they would want some more money of me. Which is only fair I suppose.
> ---
> Fabian
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> at the time of a guy asking her out on a date because she's a girl.