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>I think I'll try a translation of this.  Nice text, by the way.  Does
>this teacher know about Rokbeigalmki?

Nope.  He also doesn't know that i wrote this.  He was busy working in a
room across the hall and down a few feet, and i was just wandering back
and forth down the hall and then went into a different room than the one
he was in.

>Pitan=ED ku sutak=ED
>Wawail=E1 kla pli naizav=EDnalva pifall=E1
>Syaunn=E1yasalva wamisnakat=FAv pifall=E1
>Pl=E1ssita laun=EDtanva watl=E1v
>Ku laun=EDtanva wanasag=E1v, wawail=E1un
>Naipyasv=E1difin-ku wafily=E1sav win=EDiv
>T=E1laiwa Wafily=E1sav win=EDiv

>Literal translation:
>Place and Person
>The truth is that nothing will end
>Nothing is dead forever
>Because they are in the soul
>And they are on the tongue, truthfully
>I will never forget you
>Never you

>> Nilhao nyeng elikuh-tzed uzoi-tep,
>> Nilhao nyeng ii-iltao sudmet -
>> Nga'gaur ta'khavya-a umzo`i`
>> I la'lesna-a sa'droitz.
>> Natao azii'nyih-shek esh.
>> Niltao sha'esh.

>> Nothing ever truly ends,
>> Nothing ever is dead forever -
>> Because in the heart they are
>> and on the tongue, in reality.

>This line I don't understand, does it mean that they are always spoken

Not necessarily spoken of, but remembered.  A bit like when someone says
that something is "on the tip of my tongue", but much stronger (since "on
the tip..." only means that you're almost remembering it), as if you were
tasting the memory floating around in your mouth.

>> I will never forget you.
>> Never ever you.

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-Stephen (Steg)
  tzo ris-adh iltao

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