At 7:41 pm -0600 29/6/99, Ed Heil wrote:
>Darn it Ray, I was afraid you were going to burst Ornstein's bubble
>with historical reality. :)

I trust Ornstein's bubble relies on more than just the direction of
writing.  I almost said "the direction I choose to write in" - but then
remembered I'd never made a choice. I write LTR because that's the way I
was taught & that's the way things get printed; and now, even if I wanted
to reverse my writing, these darn electronic devices insist on going LTR!
(Indeed Word97 seems to take it into its head every now again to reformat
what I'm doing anyway :)

But I can _read_ RTL with no trouble - indeed reading inverted script RTL
is dead easy.

>Well, whether or not it has had an
>influence on the history of writing, the facts about the differing
>capabilities of the left and right brains (as outlined by Ornstein, as
>opposed to the "pop psych" accounts) are interesting enough,

Agree absolutely.

>and the
>cross-wiring of the visual field is factual.
>So these things certainly have the potential to influence these
>choices, whether or not they in fact have done so.

I don't deny the basic truth of this.  But if something like the direction
of writing is used to support a theory, then I'm afraid little things like
what actually has happened do have to be taken into account.