By popular request (ahem), presenting the very first version of the
conlang code! It is far from complete, just an alpha version
and hardly that. Whatver... *drumroll*

The Conlang Code


! placed after: data undisclosed
? placed after: found no fitting category
* placed after: code does not apply, indifference, neutrality
$ placed after: gets paid for it
@ placed after: opinion of subject varies
! placed before: doesn't understand question, haven't heard of category

Note: not all the possible grades (++++ to ----) are listed for all categories,
but of course the intermediate grades are there.

(things one are training/trained to do, main source of (potential) income)

  C plus occupational code (stolen from the Geek Code, with
  the following additions:
    LI Linguistics
        CL Computational Linguistics
        PH Philology
        T  Translator/Interpreter (yeah I *know* they are different!)
    .. (need more here)

  Example: I'm studying mainly computer science and linguistics, thus I am
  CCS/LI. (Not counting my dabbling in comp.ling. here, useful though it was)

Shows level of expertise, or level of interest if not a professional

l plus main discipline (if any):
    c chomskyite
        f fieldwork
        u typology/universals
        a applied linguistics
        s sociolinguistics
        x syntax (non-chomsky)
        p phonology
        m many of the above, picks and chooses
        t tagmemics
        .. (need more here too)

    l++++ I am -the- authority on the field (Chomsky would be lc++++)
        l+++  Spokesperson/fan/true believer :)
        l++   Writes articles firmly rooted in the tradition
        l+    Discipline is a tool, just like any other
        l     Have read a little, know what it is
        l-    Useless for what I try to show
        l--   Useless, waste of time, to be ignored
        l---  Fierce supporter of rival theory
        l---- I am the main -critic-

        !l    Not a professional

    I would be lu+

Has been discussed time and time again, browse the archives.

c plus
  first position: beardedness:
    B beard
        M moustache
        A all (both B and M)
        N no facial hair
  second position: handedness:
    L left handed
        R right handed
        A ambidextrous (uses both equally well)
  third position: status of eyesight:
    B legally blind
        N no correction needed
        L long sighted
        S short sighted
        C combination
  fourth position: sexual preference:
    H hetero
        G gay/lesbian
        B bisexual

    I am cN:R:S:?

Arts/crafts/hobbies (creativity):
Is conlanging your only creative outlet?

a adjusted by:
    a++++ I am an artist, I live of my art (or try to)
        a+++  Others consider my work good enough to be on an exhibition or sold
        a++   I also role play, paint etc. Of course my conlanging benefits
        a+    I (have) dabble(d) in lots of things, nothing serious, just a hobby
        a     Conlanging is it.
        a---  Even conlanging is too much, but I can't stop doing it!
        a---- I've managed to stop conlanging/conlangers are loonies!

    I am a+, Sally Caves would be a+++

What are your views?

A adjusted by:
    A++++ (insert auxlang here) will save the world!
        A     Been there, done that, useful experience
        A--   I am strictly an artlanger, thank you very much!
        A---- Auxlangers are a wort on civilizations butt!

What are your views on this the best known of auxlangs?

E adjusted by:
    E++++ Esperanto is my L1, I live and breathe E-o!
        E+++  I met my spouse at an E-o convention, we speak it at home
        E++   I'm member of a club/would like to set up my own
        E+    I know enough of it to use it, but are not really active
        E     Have looked it over
        E-    Not my thing
        E---- Aigh! E-o does everything wrong! I support (insert auxlang here)


L adjusted by:
    L++++ I speak (insert loglang here) fluently! It is great!
        L+    Making an effort to disambiguate can't hurt...
        L     Been there done that, useful experience
        L-    Tried it, didn't like it
        L---- But... language isn't supposed to be logical! Madness, utter madness!


N followed by number of languages you are fluent in, mother tongue included;
a monoglot would be N1, most of the non-english on the list would be at least N2

What's most interesting/easy to do, the stuff you concentrate on, perhaps
neglecting other things in the process.

I followed by:
     p phonology/phonetics
         s syntax
         v vocabulary/semantics
         r pragmatics
         c surrounding culture

What is preferred?

i adjusted by:
     i++++ isolating all the way, wohoo! Also: pidgins
         i     a balance is best
         i---- my lang makes Inuit look isolating! Polysynthetisism rules!

Phonology/sound system:

p adjusted by:
     p++++ The only needed syllable-structure is CV!
     p     a balance is best
         p---- Georgian is such a nice lang


m adjusted by:
     m++++ Oh.. I have made *that* many langs! Yikes
         m++   I am working on a language family
         m     Well, I sketch langs to test features
         m---  I've had some false starts but this is it!
         m---- This is the one, true lang, and I am faithful to it

Age/have conlanged how long:

n followed by exact age or number of completed decades + 'd', colon, and years/
decades spent conlanging. Whether pauses are included or not is up to you.

    I would be n2d:1d

"Out of closet"-ness or level of pushing the craft
Does other ppl know of your conlanging?

o adjusted by:
    o++++ I am working to make conlanging a recognized art-form!
        o     Those who ask, are told
        o-    It's on a need to know basis
        o--   My family knows
        o---- My gosh I hope nobody knows! I'd die if anyone found out, or deny it!

Sex, as in m/f, not proficiency :)

x if female, y if male, z if undisclosed, followed by number of kids or # for
'yes, I have children' and/or:

    !z* There are no absolutes, society is obsessed with the difference, (insert
            statement here)

Finally, name of the most loved conlang, the best, most satisfactory one, or
current main project.

My code would be:
CCS/LI !lu+ cN:R:S:? a+ A-- E- L-- N2 Is i-- p- m n2d:1d o !z* ta:ruven

tal., phew! long post