Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 08/07/99 20:02:13  , Sally a =E9crit :

> Spelling things backwards, often.  Matthias spelled backwards is:
>  Saihttam-- adjusted: saihtam, pronounced /'saiTam/.  I'll let him
>  apply a meaning to it!

i don't know why you picked my name to blatantly deride
it in front of all conlangers' assembly - i'll timely retaliate -
while it is the only natword i can stand in this world
provided m mutates into j and h makes a collapse into
unpredicted tonal vowels entailing other changes so actually
my name is jean-pierre.

my brand new conlang fully worked out last night does
not feature yucky [T]. however STM is a valid root meaning
"understand" and "sayitam" (S-a-yi-T-a-M) means
"(resulting) understanding" (of whatever one is told).

example :

hak SawaTuM-il has kawaruk e namat-ak
i understand that you mock my name

kayetk-al basag v=E2yavur kayaresh.
but the fry-pan chokes firmly.

(??? somehow i don't trust my automatic
interlinear translator)

any idea what root "LLS" should mean ?

jean-pierre d--