On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Sally Caves wrote:

> I suppose "stop!" could be a substitute for "no" in these situtations,
> but
> what do you say to the child who asks:  "shall I unplug the toaster for
> you?"
> If you have a verb that means "refrain!" then you are developing a "no."
> "It refrained from raining."  Cheating again.
> Ai VERA def!!!!!  "Don't do it!"
> Sally

"Let the toaster remain plugged in."

Hatas-Oa incidently was a high-context isolating language, so one could
just say, "remain."

And although Hatas-Oa is forever lost (why, oh, why did I have that fit!)
I've decided to use some of its features, including the no-no feature, in
a new language.