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> Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 12/07/99 20:13:38  , Taliesin a =E9crit :
> > i:ruel           ksy'seles       tca'ra
> > i:   -ru    -el  ksy's -el  -es  tca' -ra
> > 3s.+ -LOC.g -EXP south -EXP -LOC see  -PAST
> >
> > ge=E0lar:ei=F0         ga=ECnrui=F0          e=ECcai=F0es
> > ge=E0l -ar:e   -i=F0   ga=ECn -ru    -i=F0   e=ECca  -i=F0   -es
> > big  -most   -BEN  city -LOC.g -BEN  world -BEN  -LOC
> >
> > "In the south he saw the largest city in all the world."
> nice almost-monosyllabic language.


> but could you remind us what " : " stands for ?

Gemination, the previous vowel/consonant is long. Not to be mistaken for
'english-style' long sounds, no diphthongization involved.

> and what is LOC.g exactly ? something located earlier ?

LOC.g (Yeah, the abbreviation ain't perfect) is WHAT is located, for=20
instance the sentence above could be roughly translated to:

"I, (who am(are?) located relative to something), (this 'something' being=
south, saw there the biggest city (which is located relative to something=
(something being) anywhere in the world."

or schematically:

Xru               Yes
X-'is located at' Y-'location'

> i have a try in tayalat :

Your tricons-lang or a new one? Irina's 'original' original can be found
by the quoted header-information you snipped :)

> babad-a-babad samn-e valaz-a-nar=E2v
> father-of-father together-DIR serpent-of-skies
> "Grandfather and the dragon"

Neat way of 'and-ing'
> pann-e-l babad-a-babad-a-babad-a-babad h=E2-k tahizur siyanim
> time-DIR-that father-of-father-of-father-of-father of-me be_man young
> "When my great-great-grandfather was a young man

Is there a be_woman, be_thing as well?