>From: Christophe Grandsire <[log in to unmask]>
>         I agree with you for Castillan Spanish. It seems that Basque and
>Spanish have the same sound for the letter 's'. Well, in fact, I think that
>in Spanish, /s/ and this "whistle" are allophones, whereas they are
>distinct phonemes in Basque (written 'z' and 's'). This is a very
>distinctive feature and I wonder whether it's not an influence of Basque
>over Castillan Spanish (as this sound isn't present in any other Romance
>language as far as I know). Am I wrong?

Oh, is that it? We had some exchange students from Spain that spoke
castillian. I wondered where the sort of "th" sound I kept hearing came
from. It certainly wasn't like New World Spanish I've heard. I couldn't
understand a word of what they were saying, so I listened to the sound. Boy,
do I feel better, thought was going nuts. No, not really. Just good to have
a longstanding phonological curiousity satisfied.


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