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>Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>> Exactly! I understand that I was not very clear (damn English!).
>Yes, that's what we Irish keep saying. [1]
>Why not write in French first, then add interlinear English?
>I need practice in written conversational French (and Spanish).

        Oh no! You want me to die! When I read the posts from this list, my brains
switch to English and I'm nearly unable to speak in French (I must switch
back to French). And when I speak of French in a post in English, I
consider it nearly as a foreign language! That's why I sometimes have
difficulties to find out good words and to explain myself: I don't have the
vocabulary in English, but I also can't find out the French words that I
could use, because my brains have switched to English! I have the same
problem with Spanish and Japanese. That's also why I have so many
difficulties in trying to translate anything from one language to another.

>[1] Just Kidding.
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