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>On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Gerald Koenig wrote:
>> Well I took a mini tour of the land of valdyas and I am blown away by
>> the integrity and beauty of it.
>xxxx I haven't explored all subjects, I know
>nothing of sports, little of the economy, a lot about clothes but
>don't seem to get around to writing more...

  :) um, ngl does need a clothes vocabulary module...

>in the parallel columns. The syllables are also shorter. And I'm not
>even *trying* to keep it short, it just happens. Syllables tend to be
>CV or CVC, xxxxxxx

  :) Both CV and CVC are grammatical phonology in ngl.

>> It
>> gets down to one morpheme one infon.
>That's a nice word, "infon". Never came across it before, but the
>meaning is immediately clear. Did it exist before you started using

Whew! I had to think most of the day to remember where I heard <infon>
or whether it is a part of my unpublished ngl. It's from my copy of
_Logic and Information_ by Keith Devlin, Cambridge U. Press 1991.  It's
a thread that runs throughout the book and is defined more fully as the
exposition proceeds. The first definition is just, "a discrete item of
information", as you surmised. Later it gets an equation or math


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