Carlos Thompson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>   voiced stops -> voiced fricatives
>   voiceless stops -> voiced stops

This sounds good (it's basically Spanish!).

> some time later:
>   voiced fricatives -> voiceles stops

But I think this one is rather unlikely. Maybe in certain
environments... What I did in Nolt Lethar -> Drasel=E9q was
to change initial stops:

        voiced stops -> unvoiced stops (b,d,g > p,t,k)
        prenasalized voiced stops -> voiced stops
        (mb,nd,Ng > b,d,g)

so I managed to keep both kinds of stops. :-)=20
I don't know about Barry's language though. It depends on
the ancient language. You (Barry) could do something with
geminated stops (pp, tt, kk or bb, dd, gg).

Just my two centavos,

--Pablo Flores