Well, since Terra Nova doesn't orbit the sun, the planets are not the
same.  However, the stars are virtually identical, Alpha Centauri being
only 4.3 light years from Earth.  About the only difference is that
there'd be a star missing from what we call the constellation of
Centauri (i.e., Alpha Centauri itself), and there'd be an extra star in
Cassiopeia (sp?).  Now, for planets:

The two suns are called by Humans Peter (the main sun) and Paul (the
lesser sun), and by the Kass=ED, waKazy=E1n (tiKazy=E1n if personified) a=
waMif=EDs (naMif=EDs if personified).  Planets:

Around Peter/waKazy=E1n
1: waM=EDidii - a small world orbiting its sun in 54 days
2: waM=EDinuuta - a bit larger, 115 day orbit
3: waM=EDgga - the largest planet as seen from Terra Nova, as well as the
brightest, orbits in 270 days
4: waM=EDizuwaa - Terra Nova itself, orbits in 408 days
5: waM=EDisa - the outermost planet, orbits in 756 days with a very
eccentric orbit, at closest approach it appears nearly as large and
bright as waM=EDgga

Around Paul/waMif=EDs
1: no name, too small and too close to Paul to be visible
2: waT=EDzzulaz - a large jovian planet, with several moons that are
terraformable.  Visible when Paul is close to Peter, when the suns are
far apart, it too is lost in the glare of Paul, thus it is also known as
wIl=E1 Azkas=FAnnav (the Star That Hides), or its contracted form
wIlaazkas=FAnnav, or tLik=E1n waMif=EDsaf (Daughter of waMif=EDs)
3: no name, too small and dark to be seen

The occurance of M=ED(i)- in all the planet names around Peter is not
co-incidence (altho the initial Mi- of waMif=EDs *is* co-incidence), thos=
names are derived from Traderslang, borrowed into Early Watakass=ED.  In
Traderslang, _meg_ means "planet".  The origins of the names are as
follows, with the original adaptation and the original Traderslang and
the meaning
IPA is in SAMPA, notes:
J =3D Palatal nasal
7 =3D back mid-closed unrounded vowel
s, =3D retroflex s
-J =3D voiced palatal stop (I had to invent this, no correspondence exist=
in SAMPA for voiced palatal stop, but it resembles a capital J with a
bar thru it)
L =3D Palatal lateral

1: m=E9g=EBdeg=EB < meg deg =3D Fast Planet (['meg@deg@], ['meg 'deg])
2: m=E9g=EBnok=EBta < meg nhe"kta =3D Second Planet (['meg@nok@ta], ['meg
3: m=E9glaf < meg laf =3D Bright Planet (['meg@laf], ['meg 'lAf])
4: m=E9g=EBzowak=EB < meg zowak =3D Our Planet (['meg@zowAk@], ['meg 'zow=
5: m=E9g=EBsaf < meg rsaf =3D Slow Planet (['meg@saf], ['meg 's,Af])

2: t=E9d=EBzohlad=EB < tej zox lhad =3D Daughter of Paul (['ted@zoxlad@],=
zox 'LAd])

The Kass=ED know that their planet orbits around the sun, but they do not
realize that their sun and Paul orbit each other, instead believing that
Paul orbits Peter.  It actually fits very nicely into their cosmology,
which is one of repeated patterns, and moons orbitting planets orbiting
suns fits quite nicely.

"[H]e axed after eggys: And the goode wyf answerde, that she coude not
speke no Frenshe ... And then at last a nother sayd that he woulde haue
hadde eyren: then the goode wyf sayd that she vnderstood hym wel." --
William Caxton
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