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> >I'm not exactly sure why everyone is so protective of their conculture.
> Well the reason i made it important was when i had a friend looking at it,
> he said "Well, why arent they Christian? Almost everyone else in the
> Philippines is". I told him it was outlawed, mostly as a joke =). Anyway
> he then said "Well if it were real and i was a missionary i would go
> there...blah blah blah...." then i told him that the people in that
> conculture would probably remove him from the territory by force :)

Actually, I seem to remember reading something about a secessionist
region in the southwestern part of the country dominated mostly by

At any rate, I was just expressing a feeling that it's too simple a view of
any culture to see it as totally without foreign influence, which is the impression
I've gotten from most of the descriptions I've read here (not that that's *bad*
or anything;  just that I think it's a bit unrealistic).

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