Tom Wier wrote:
> The Jewish revolts
> had to do with a lot of issues, not just religion.

I didn't say that the Jewish revolts were because of religious
persecution, what I said was that *after* those revolts, the Jews were
deported from Judea, and were persecuted.  There were laws that imposed
special taxes on Jews, for instance.

> it seems to me only realistic to include that possibility in your plans
> when you're thinking about what your conculture should be like.

True.  Indeed, the Kass=ED-of-the-Faith (those Kass=ED who accepted the
teachings of the Prophetess) were a conquering people, eliminating many
tribes of the "heathen" Kass=ED, and completely destroying the Easterners=
a related people speaking a related language.  The Kass=ED and the
Easterners split after their ancestors conquered their homeland (having
migrated from the east), the Kass=ED had a close relationship with the
Traders, while the Easterners had a closer relationship with the native
peoples.  The early Kass=ED largely displaced or assimilated the earlier
peoples, altho pockets of those survived for several centuries before
either losing their culture and adopting that of the Kass=ED, or being
enslaved, or emigrating.

These differences in relations helped to shape their languages.  The
Kass=ED lost word-final fricatives, and some dialects even lost *all*
word-final consonants, the Traders' Language has no word-final
consonants.  In addition, the Kass=ED acquired two tones, high and low, b=
influence of the Traders' Language, which also had two tones.  However,
the Easterners acquired more complex syllables, had stronger stresses,
causing post-stress reduction (and frequently loss), and became an
accusative language, again, all from the influence of the pre-Kass=ED

The Kass=ED-of-the-Faith were able to carry out their genocide thru the
aid of the Traders.  The Traders traded them weapons and mercenaries in
exchange for slaves (and the Kass=ED-of-the-Faith even usually received
money, as they often had more slaves to sell than the weapons and
mercenaries cost), captured from the villages they conquered, and so the
heathen-Kass=ED, those who didn't convert, were completely destroyed,
almost every captured village was left empty, those who weren't killed
being enslaved.  That is, until the Traditionalist Alliance (as the
"heathen" Kass=ED called themselves) were finally able to soundly defeat
them at the Battle of WaZyamb=ED.  After a few more resounding defeats, a
peace treaty was drawn up, and the Holy Empire and the Traditionalist
Alliance were at an uneasy peace, breaking out in war every once in a

"[H]e axed after eggys: And the goode wyf answerde, that she coude not
speke no Frenshe ... And then at last a nother sayd that he woulde haue
hadde eyren: then the goode wyf sayd that she vnderstood hym wel." --
William Caxton
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