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>Actually, I seem to remember reading something about a secessionist
>region in the southwestern part of the country dominated mostly by

He and I knew that. Thats why i said most of the philippines is Christian
(about 90% or so). The main muslim areas are on the western side of
Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan areas.

>At any rate, I was just expressing a feeling that it's too simple a view
>any culture to see it as totally without foreign influence, which is the
>I've gotten from most of the descriptions I've read here (not that that's
>or anything;  just that I think it's a bit unrealistic).

I know that i couldn't avoid foreign influence totally. I mean, with the
researchers just being there with my people, there are some cultural
influences happening. Also, they have had inflence from tribes they have
been trading with.

Foreign influence is unavoidable, but some elements of it are, such as
proselytizing, and making them conform to western ways.


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