On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Jim Grossmann wrote:

> The humanoids live in my dreams, which are very vivid.   I think that the
> humanoids are real, and I've even written a grammar for their language.   Am
> I losing my mind?

I wouldn't think so ;-).

> In addition to being a conlanger, I am also a billionaire who has illegally
> raised stolen babies in a secret warehouse to speak only my invented
> languages.

I like this one! Can I borrow a billion and carry it out?

> Other listers have already mentioned other possibilities, but I think you
> get the idea.   If we can imagine a language, we can imagine many scenarios
> that could give it human or humanoid speakers.   There's really no problem
> with this.

I think all this discussion finds its origin in the urge to explain
the imaginary reality of our conlangs/concultures in terms of the
actual reality. I've been on that track too, influenced by reading a
lot of science fiction, but lately I've decided to just not bother
(influenced by Irina ;-). While there are still remnants of my
earlier urge to explain why Andal could exist, such as the account of
the finds of manuscripts in the Taklamakan, I've recently decided to
twist that by saying they came from Islam Akhun :-), and for the
rest, I simply don't care much about scientific plausibility, preferring
scholarly imagination...

> Maybe we should add something to the conlang code about degree of conculture
> development?

Wasn't there already a bit?

Boudewijn Rempt  |