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>>On related note (because I personnally don't know where this middle ground
>>may lie), how do you (pl.) justify having humans on another planet speaking
>>your conlang?
>In ancient times, aliens from other worlds visited Earth, and travel back
>and forth was possible. Some of these aliens entered human mythology and
>became the Egyptian gods and such. Some humans went with the aliens to
>settle other solar systems. The really hard thing to justify is non-humans
>speaking with human phonemes!

I have sometimes played around with a "homeomorphic principle".  In essence
it means that wherever in the universe the physical conditions a re
suitable for life there will arise life and wherever the physical
conditions are similar there will arise similar life-forms.  As I said I
have not implemented it, but I might, for dramatic purposes, or under
preassure to rationalize...

NB this allowes for humans, as well as things like centaurs and intelligent
large reptiles on Earth-like planets (still similar enough to Earthen
life!), but also for quite dissimilar life on quite dissimilar planets.
Not even need all life be "biological" in our sense.  In Sky-Earth there
are spirits, which could be rationalized as sentient magnetic fields or

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